Boston, Beaches, & Books

This summer will be full of many firsts, and I am beyond excited for what is in store!

Courtesy of a grant from the Mellon Scholars Program, I will be travelling to Boston, MA for the month of May to continue researching the Centennial Exhibition of 1876!  I am going to be exploring the many archives in Boston in search of first-hand accounts from people who visited the Exhibition.  In order for these stories to be heard and reach a wider audience, I will transcribe the letters and diary entries I find and then create podcasts that will be available online for all to hear!  I am especially excited to find a letter that the Boston Public Library has in which a man recommends Frank Leslie to be the commissioner at the Exhibition.  So much of history is generalized in the textbooks we read, but this will allow for us to understand specific visitors feelings and experiences at the fair!  Stay tuned as I will be posting updates about the trip and also my research findings!

After returning home, my family and I will embark on a 16-hour journey to Orlando, FL to spend a week at Disney!  Considering that I haven’t been to Disney since second grade, it is safe to say that I am as excited as my 7-year-old sister for this trip!  Not to mention the fact that my grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins will also be going!  It is bound to be a very memorable trip!  After a week in Orlando, we are heading to Destin to spend some time at the beach!  After this long, Michigan winter, I cannot wait to spend some time in the Florida heat!

I will finally return home at the end of June to spend the rest of the summer working at a local library!  I am still undecided about attending graduate school and have been thinking about getting my Master’s in Library Science.  What better way to see if this is something I’m interested in than working at a library?!

I’ll finish off the summer spending time with family and friends and will return to Hope in August to begin my second year as a Resident Assistant in the Downtown Neighborhood!

If anyone had asked me at the beginning of this semester what I was planning to do this summer, I can guarantee the only thing that I would have said is that I plan on working and going to Florida.  God has blessed me and challenged me more than I ever expected this semester, and I am so excited to see how His plan comes together this summer!  To Him be the Glory!


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